Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

Maybe, I should try the Chinese Diet with the one chopstick. Currently, I use both my hands as I shovel food into my mouth! I was worried about weighing in this morning but I have stayed the same. No loss. No gain. No exercise. I'm hoping that when school finishes up I can find the time to add some exercise. I might have to take away from my blog stalking time........NOT! How is everybody doing? With all these weight rumors floating around you would think that it would motivate me. Doesn't the CCAA realize that by stressing me out it makes me eat more?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Fun Sands Rumor Queen

Started the weekend off with the We Love America Parade on Friday. My little Ian was in the parade with his Young 5's class. His class is in the front row but honestly I can't pick him out in the crowd. I lost my glasses a couple months ago and everything is a blur beyond 5 feet!
I took this picture of myself at the parade for my pal Melissa. Can you see I'm still wearing the hot pink nail polish with the red thread bracelet? I gotta say it wasn't easy using my left hand to snap this picture and wave my flag at the same time. I hope you appreciate my effort.
Went up to the lake on Friday night. This is where we plan to spend most weekends this summer. We have always tent camped in the past but after a huge rain storm last year that left all our clothing floating in the tent, we decided to get a camper. Friday night we woke up to a huge thunder storm. It was pouring down rain but no matter, we were nice and dry!
Our camp site this summer is close to the lake and the boat launch. Let me tell you that it is a very interesting spot. We sit at the fire and watch all the stressed out people take their boats in and out of the water. Of course we don't sit and laugh at all the people having trouble backing their trailers down or trying to hold onto their boats with all the waves....that would be rude.
Luna was enjoying a day on the boat. She is having a bad hair day with all the wind.
Rylee also enjoys the boat.
Ian enjoys a nice day on the lake.
I had to take a couple of him. I never can get enough of that little face!
Griffin gets ready to take off in the tube.
There he goes!
The ride home. Everyone was pretty tired out with all the fun -n- sun!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stork Alert!

We have a stork alert! I can't believe it came yesterday when I wasn't on the computer! The CCAA has matched families with log-in-dates (LID) up to and including June 15, 2005. Our
LID is 3/8/06 in case anyone forgot. I have to say that for some strange reason I feel better than I did a couple of days ago. I just have a feeling that maybe the slowdown was intentional. I think that the CCAA might have wanted the wait to be 12 months. If they finish up June LID's next month than they will be at the 12 month wait. I guess I'll see if my theory stands up when July referrals arrive. At that point they should start matching entire months to keep it at the 12 month wait. One thing I did hear on the Rumor Queen site (probably one of the only good things) was that a man with a December LID was told by the Director of the CCAA that he should receive his referral in December. I keep reminding myself of that when I start feeling low. I can't believe that the Director would look a waiting father in the eye and tell him that if he didn't believe it to be true. I believe the Director of the CCAA was telling the truth as he knows it. I can handle 12 months. Call me crazy but I don't think we are going to have to wait as long as they are saying. Nothing more than a feeling.

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

Yep, that pretty much says what I'm thinking! I am down 3 pounds.......FROM WHEN I STARTED!!!!!!!! That means I gained again this week! I admit that I haven't started to exercise. I'll admit that I had a warm chocolate chip cookie pie with 2 scoops of ice cream yesterday so that might possibly be the reason. I'm going to "try" and be better this week. I sure hope you guys are doing better than me. I need you guys to get me going again so post your great results!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Taking A Break

It was REALLY good for me to be away from the computer for a couple of days. I realized that I need a break from all this madness. As soon as I get on the computer I find myself heading IMMEDIATELY to the Rumor Queen site. Nine times out of ten I feel worse after reading it but I still go back. I guess I just need a break at least until referrals are sent out. I'm going to turn off the computer until Weigh in Wednesday and then I'll decide from there.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Gone Camping!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to be without my computer for the entire will I survive????????

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Brown Envelope

We received THE BROWN ENVELOPE today! I knew the second I opened the mailbox because it is BROWN and it is BIG! I guess you really don't need to receive this because they will just give you the papers in China to fill out but.......... I WANTED IT!!!!!!! It feels good to have one less thing on my list of things to obsess about. You guys didn't realize I was obsessing about the brown envelope......WELL, I WAS!!!!!! To cover our address up (sorry stalker's) I used the very first toy I bought for Ava. I bought it the day that our home study was completed at a little toy store near the place where I had it notarized (Thanks Chris!). The toy is probably going to scare the poop out of her with it's VERY loud popping noise. I keep it on my dresser and give it a rub for good luck every morning.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A picture of Lisa & Jeff

Melissa mentioned that I have never posted my picture before and she wouldn't be able to recognize me in China! Will you recognize us now? You better believe I'll be the one wearing those ladybug shoes! I must say that our shadow's add about 50-75 pounds to us! I think I'm going to have to post my picture because this one is not VERY flattering at all! I'm not sure what is going on with Jeff's hips!!! Jeff better start checking in with us on Weigh in Wednesday!


Thank you so much for the Mother's Day card and gifts! I was so excited when I came home today to find such a nice surprise waiting for me. I had left work early today because well, my attitude was a bit pissy. It was so wonderful to open the mailbox and find the wonderful bath salts and chocolate! I wanted to rip open the box of chocolate before I even made it up the driveway but remembered that I needed to take a picture of it first! I don't even give a darn that It's Weigh in Wednesday! The chocolate was wonderful! Thank you also for the beautiful bracelet! I had just had my nails done (usually always have white tips) and look at the color! I think we are on the same page because they totally match the bracelet! Thank you Secret Pal! You really got me out of my pissy mood. I'm sure Jeff would like to thank you too!

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

I was cracking up when I came across this cartoon! I think that was one of my questions for you guys last week! It is sooooo true! Well, it's time for the BIG WEIGH IN.........I'm up a 1/2 pound from last week. I am actually a bit relieved because I ate a dessert on Sunday called..............THE BEAST!!!!! It had an oreo cookie crust with chocolate ice cream with a hard
chocolate shell. In one word......Yummy! I'm sorry for describing it in such detail (I just had to wipe some drool off my keyboard). So, how are all of you doing? Melissa, did you buy that darn scale yet?? I am glad to see more people are joining us! The more the merrier! Hey, have you guys seen pictures of Janet Jackson? I just saw a picture of her in one of the tabloids and the woman looks AMAZING! I don't think she has been dieting for very long either. What is that chick doing?!

Monday, May 15, 2006


No, it's not snowing. It's cotton from the cottonwood tree's! My poor little boy has been MISERABLE for over three weeks with terrible allergies. I was just on my way to the pharmacy to pick up yet another prescription when I saw all this cottonwood on my neighbor's driveway! This can't be good! I feel so sorry for Ian because he can't shake his stuffed up nose and cough. I took him to the doctor a couple weeks ago and they haven't been able to find a medication to stop his symptoms. I'm not crazy about putting him on all this medication, I just don't know what else to do for him right now. I have been hearing from people that this is an awful year for people with allergies. I sure hope they can figure out something to give him some relief. I hate it when my little guy is sick.

Mother's Day Gifts

I received an early Mother's Day present from Ian on Friday! Ian made this at school and it would have driven him CRAZY if he would have had to wait until Sunday to give it to me! He did such a great job and it will get lots of use with my coffee habit! Thank you Ian!
When I looked at my computer on Sunday it had a new screensaver! How did my daughter know I would open up the lap top?? I guess it is well known around here that I'm addicted to blogging! Thank you for the Mother's Day wish Hope!
Sunday afternoon I noticed the screensaver had changed once again! Thank you Griffin! I hope you guys don't feel bad when I put the old screensaver back on.........LUNA!
My last gift was from Jeff and the kids. Jeff and I aren't ones to buy gifts for each other. Our birthday's are 3 days apart and usually we will buy something for the house. We never exchange gifts on Christmas because for years money was really tight and we wanted to spend what we had on our children. He knows better than to buy me roses on Valentine's Day because I hate spending money on something that will be dead in 3 days! In the past Jeff usually gives me a massage on Mother's Day (done by him) and I really ENJOY it. He continues ask me every year what I would like for Mother's Day and I always tell him not to get me anything. This year I decided that I would like a present. He had a look of panic come across his face not knowing what to buy for me! Jeff is a smart guy and he asked for advice. He had an appointment to get a haircut on Saturday and I was "hoping" he would ask our friend and hair stylist, Mary. Mary is a gal that has impeccable taste! Mary told him that I would love a Coach watch and I must say she was right on! Thank you, Mary (the check is in the mail)! Jeff also surprised me by giving me a massage too! It was a wonderful and relaxing day. I also have decided that presents are GOOD and we can do this again next year!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I realize that we haven't even had a whole month of Weigh-in-Wednesday's! HOWEVER, there is a little lady that has REALLY stood out......DAWN! OMG woman, you have lost 39 pounds since Valentine's Day! I'm sure all of us want to know what you have been doing to drop that much weight! Please, tell us! Don't hold out on us, I'm dying over here. We want all of the details! I know everyone hasn't checked in yet but I'm just really impressed with Dawn's results and had to say something about it! Congratulations to ALL of you that have lost weight this week! You guys are doing great! Continue to post your results when you get a chance. Anyone is more than welcome to join us at anytime! The more the merrier or misery loves company! Way to go Dawn!

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

Is it Wednesday already? All the days kind of blur together now because I'm pretty much eating the same thing day in and day out. This week I had a 1/2 pound loss. Not a big drop but it was still a drop and I am thankful about that. I have still been "thinking" about adding exercise but can't stand the thought of sweating to the oldies or the disco beat with Richard Simmons! I don't know why because everyone looks like they are having such a good time in the picture. How are all of you doing? I know we had some late starters and some people that don't own a scale yet. I have a question for you.......Why is it that it can take weeks to lose 5 pounds and yet you can easily gain 5 pounds (or more) in a weekend? It's just not right! I already know that I won't be able to stick to my diet plan this weekend. We have family coming over and then the BIG Mother's Day brunch. I'll probably polish off 1200 calories in my Mother's Day appetizer alone! Just hoping I don't gain the 5 pounds back in that one meal!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I love you Mr. Dyson!

Do you see a stain? I don't see a stain and I owe it all to Mr. Dyson! I was digging in my cupboards looking for something else to spray on my big HUGE stain (brought to me from the folks at Purina that care enough to make their product appealing to the dogs eye) when I came across this DYSON SPOT CLEANER. I decided to give it a shot (or a spray) because I figured I couldn't make it any worse, so what the heck. Guess what! The spot just disappeared before my eyes! I should have known that Mr. Dyson wouldn't make a crappy product! I LOVE the vacuum that he invented. I was always fascinated by his commercials for his vacuum and finally had to run out and buy one. He just looked so darn smart and quite honestly I'm a sucker for an accent....ANY accent. I LOVE my Dyson vacuum and I LOVE his spot cleaner even more! I owe it all to this man right here:He looks really smart, doesn't he? I love you Mr. Dyson!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy Bone

Yep, whoever thought up the name for these babies sure knew what they were talking about.
They kept my pups busy for quite awhile. They kept me busier even longer as I tried to clean the huge freakin' stain off my off white carpeting!!!! I hauled out the handy dandy Bissell and that didn't even get the huge pink stain off the carpet. While I was busy scrubbing the stain, I decided to give the nice people at Purina a call. When the "nice" lady answered my call I politely asked her why they would make a dog bone that stains your carpeting. She responded by saying that I should contact a professional carpet cleaner. I again asked why on earth (I had a bit of an edge at this point) they would make a dog bone that stains the carpeting. She told me they add food coloring to make it "more appealing" to the dogs. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't dogs color blind? (I didn't say that- was only thinking that part in my head). I did ask why on earth they would make it "more appealing" for the dogs when dogs will eat their own CRAP! I also told her that I DID NOT find the color appealing to my carpeting! She "nicely" pointed out that the box says to feed on an easy to clean surface. I realized at that point I wasn't going to get anywhere with her and I hung up. I wouldn't even feed these to my dogs on my's THAT bad! Does anyone know a good carpet cleaner?

2 Months Down!


Sunday, May 07, 2006


I went to the mailbox on Saturday and was excited to find a gift from my Secret Pal!
I love ANYTHING with ladybugs and my Secret Pal must have known that. I also LOVE wind chimes! I hung my ladybug wind chimes right outside my kitchen window. I can hear their sweet sounds while I sit here and type, as they blow in the breeze.

My Secret Pal also sent the cutest hair clips for Ava. I am quite certain they will match MANY of Ava's outfits! Thank you Secret Pal for sending a couple ladybug sightings my way!

Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm having second thoughts on Ava's name. Settle down Melissa, what I should have said was Ava's middle name. I was so sure that I wanted her middle name to be Caroline. I'm just not so sure anymore. I also want to have part of her Chinese name as a middle name. Caroline is kind of a mouthful especially, if we use her Chinese name too. Is it going to be to much to have all those middle names? I also like Catherine, Claire, Kate (were you shocked that I used a K?). My middle name is Lynn and I was even thinking about Ava Lin. I just need advice. HEEELP!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm nesting!

I'm not sure what has gotten into me the last week or so. I have been busy busy at work trying to clear off my desk of all the paperwork that I have been putting off for M O N T H ' S! I even worked thru lunch today (All I have been eating is popcorn for lunch so I can chew & work at the same time, without much trouble)! One of the girls at work said she thinks I'm nesting. I have to say......I think I am! I started thinking about it as I was driving home from work today. I was wondering why I would be nesting now when we have months (& months-sigh) before Ava comes home. I think that this whole new diet plan & getting organized is because I realized that I have NO control over the CCAA & my referral. I am at their mercy. I think that because I have no control over them, I need to take control of things that I can control. Make any sense?
I'm a control freak, always have been. It is hard for me not to feel in control when it comes to the adoption. I think that as why I am obsessed right now at getting all other areas of my life in order. First, I balanced my checkbook and now all this! Where does it end?????????

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

I clipped my toe nails, shaved my legs & removed my jewelry before hopping on the scale this morning. I of course weighed myself before I took a shower ( I know that wet hair must add at least 2 pounds!). Drumroll please.............. I have lost 4.5 pounds in one week! I am pretty excited if I do say so myself. I can hardly believe that I'm going to look like Nicole Richie when I lose another 5.5 pounds! I read in one of the tabloids that Nicole said she has only lost 10 pounds........Amazing! Geez, I thought I had like 20 pounds or more to lose! So how are you doing? I know some of you started a bit late on the diet, some of you don't own a scale, some of you get weighed once a month, some of you get weighed on Thursday, some of you will never diet again because you were sick for 7 days in Bali and didn't lose a pound & some of you never started the diet so, post your results/comments when you can.

Monday, May 01, 2006

No excitement here

I can't believe it has been 5 days since my last post. I don't know if it is the lack of calories in my system that has made me not have much to say OR it might just be that my life is boring and I need to come to terms with that. I remember about a year ago my husband (THE HEALTH NUT) decided that he wasn't going to eat meat anymore. I kid you not, he totally lost his personality! He became so quiet and everyone at work was worried something was wrong with him. I would ask him if something was bothering him and he would say, "I just don't have anything to say." It wasn't long that we figured out that the change in his personality was the result of NO MEAT! I tried for several weeks after that to push a slice of bacon his way, a Big Mac or a side of beef. Finally, after adding meat back into his diet my Jeff was back! I have been averaging about 1200 calories the last 5 days since my last post. Is it the lack of calories or am I just plain boring?! I AM excited about Weigh in Wednesday to see if this torture is paying off. I am glad that so many of you are joining me on the quest to be thinner. I think it is going to help me stay modivated. Is it wrong for me to be happy at the thought that many of you might also be as miserable with your lack of calories? I feel it would be a lie if I didn't admit that to you. Unless something really exciting happens (highly doubtful), I'll talk to you all on Wednesday!