Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Weigh In Wednesday

This little lady was outside our back door the other night. She was in the same vicinity as where I stepped on the mouse a couple months ago. This is just another reason why I will never venture out without shoes on in the dark. Why the picture of the turtle? I think this turtle pretty much sums up my metabolism............very sloooooooow. I decided that my metabolism needed a kick into gear so I ordered a product (all natural) that is "supposed" to do just that. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I was down 1 pound! Before you start to congratulate me I must tell you.............I had gained weight over the weekend and was actually a 1/2 pound heavier from where I started. From. Where. I. Started. I will let you know if I have any success with this product. If it works for me I will scream the name of it from the roof tops. If it doesn't, I will talk bad about it on the blog. I'm sure with my 4 loyal reader's it will hurt them.....HA! It is supposed to have a 100% guarantee or your money back. We will see. So tell me how you all are doing................

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ian Lost His Tooth

Ian lost his very first tooth this morning! He had been telling me that his tooth hurt and I checked it last week but it wasn't loose. After breakfast this morning Ian handed me the tooth. There was no warning, no tears, no nothin, not even a wiggle. I really thought he would be scared but it didn't bother him in the least! So, what's a tooth going for these days? ( I'm wondering if I need some reading glasses because his picture looks like he doesn't have any bottom teeth.....should retake picture.....too sleepy).

Thank You Secret Pal!

I arrived home this weekend to find a wonderful surprise waiting for me from my Secret Pal!
Thank you SO much!! My Secret Pal (who totally ROCKS!) sent Ava the most adorable outfit, my SP sent a money bag that matches my blog (how TOTALLY cool!) & the cutest book about adoption! I guess my SP & her son found the book at the library but had no idea it was about adoption!!! BTW, my son Ian also loved the book! Thank you soooooo much! You made my day! =)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

July In July

Now that we have made it through almost all of June, I have something new to occupy my mind every waking moment. I'm going to cross my fingers, toes, legs, eyes, arms (you get the picture) until the next batch of referrals arrive. Chant with me...........JULY IN JULY, JULY IN JULY, JULY IN JULY! Today's picture is brought to you by the Salsa in China store. If you haven't been to the Salsa in China store, you REALLY must go. Mary-Mia is also a big reason I am hoping for all of July in July as she has a July 14th LID (my daughter's birthday BTW)! M3 has created some pretty cool adoption items so go check them out! I personally own several items of her clever adoption attire. I'm cheering you on M3!!! Funshine NEEDS to be in the next batch!!!! JULY IN JULY, JULY IN JULY, JULY IN JULY!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stork Alert

FINALLY! They are only one day short of making it a full 2 weeks! Whoo -Hoo!!!! AND the BEST part is that Stephanie & Mark are in this batch!!!!!!! Is everyone dancing????

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stress Reliever

I picked this up over on the RQ site. For those of you that are stronger than I and don't go over there, I give you this site. Don't worry it has nothing to do with rumors! Happy popping! Also, MAKE SURE YOU GO FOR THE FRESH SHEET! Jeff would LOVE to hear those words when you ask for the fresh sheet come out of my mouth!

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

I think you all probably know where I'm going with my post today........your a smart bunch after all! Before I get started, is that a hamburger yo-yo or just a hamburger? Sorry. I really thought I would have some great news to report. I weighed myself last Thursday & I was down another pound. I was really "pretty good" all weekend and thought for sure I would be down this week. NOT!! Well, I gained the pound I lost from Thursday AND the 1.5 pounds from last week! AAAHHHH! Up. Down. Up. Down. UP! AAAHHHH! I do want to tell you that I am so happy that we have more ladies joining us! The more the merrier or misery loves company!! I also want to make mention of two special ladies that have been doing AMAZING on their diets, Dawn & Erin. Dawn has lost over 60 pounds & Erin has lost over 35! GREAT job ladies! I am so glad that I have met the two of you out here in blogland & I think you both are AMAZING gals! They both have before & during diet pictures (you might have to scroll down a bit) on their blogs! You both look WONDERFUL! How did all of you do this week?

Monday, June 19, 2006

An apology.....Luna style

Luna wanted to apologize to Jeter about her comments about him eating weight management food. She had no idea pugs were"FLUFFY"

Luna says........."A girl is entitled to have a bad hair day every now & again!"" Bringing my P's into it was a low blow, man!"" A girl can't be expected to look like she stepped out of a salon 24/7!"

"This little lady is CLEARLY more your type." "I'm outta your league, man!"

P.S. "Glad your Mom didn't take a picture of you wet." "If you were any smaller, I'd need to get a microscope."

Luna Speaks!

Luna would like to comment regarding a comment that was made by Jeter during a previous post..................Mostly FLUFF? 1/2 the size when wet? Hmmmmm. ( I'm sorry, she made me do a google image search for a wet pug!)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day Was A Bit Stinky!

We woke up this morning with a nasty smell in the air. Rylee (our dog) was sick during the night and had gone #2 all over our camper. Let me tell you that it was the kind that you couldn't just pick up with a pooper scooper! We had forgotten to pack the Bissell (who knew?) so Jeff headed off to the store in search of a camper size steam cleaner. I have to tell you something, if you don't own a Bissell SpotBot ..........................RUN TO YOUR NEAREST HOME DEPOT and get one! I can't believe how this thing works! All you have to do is fill it with cleaner, plug it in, put it on the spot, push the button & walk away! It runs through a cycle and beeps when it is finished. I didn't even need to use the hand attachments. I'm really tempted to go out & buy another one for home! We were able to get all the stains out of the carpeting. However, Rylee also managed to drop a load on my daughter's shorts (2 pair!) with an amazing aim. Both pair of shorts (did I mention that they were both brand new?) had HUGE BROWN STAINS on the butt! Hope was indeed horrified but I told her that we would soak them in water & I should be able to get the HUGE BROWN STAINS out.
We put them out in a bucket and filled it with water. We were packing up to go home and I noticed Jeff looking in the bucket. I told him to dump out the water & we could wrap them up in one of our beach towels. I didn't realize that he decided to hang them on the line to dry (why don't men just do what their told?)! Well, we were several miles down the road & we got to laughing about the shorts when Jeff realized that they were STILL hanging on the line at the campground! Yep, there are two shorts that look like someone took a crap in them blowing in the breeze behind our camper! I am freaking out at this point but he won't turn back! Oh. My. God. Do you realize that the park rangers (who we have gotten to know pretty well) are going to think I crapped my pants????? The reason they are going to think it is me is because my daughter has only gone camping with us twice! They have NEVER met her!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, as I sit here and type this there are two shorts blowing in the breeze with HUGE BROWN STAINS on them behind my camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How will I ever show my face around there again???????

Friday, June 16, 2006

Doing The Dance!

Alright, I admit it is probably a bit premature to be doing "the dance" but I can't help myself!!! Can you feel it?? I just have a feeling that good things are about to happen!!! I just read on the Rumor Queen site (yes, I TOLD you I'm addicted) that a dependable agency said the CCAA said they are capable of getting through all of June in June!!!! They are trying to decide whether to send all that is matched now or wait until the end of the month and send the rest of June!! If this is true then my theory is correct! I think they want a 12 month wait! You know what, I'm no longer cheesed (I might of used a different word on the BB wink wink) about it! I'll take it!
I feel good things in the air!!!!!! Can you feel it too???

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Weigh In Wednesday/Blogger Sucks

Is it just me or is everyone having trouble with Blogger still? I'm beginning to wonder if my computer has that virus that they keep talking about on the DTC boards. I have been trying to leave comments on all your blogs and not having much luck! Alright, enough about Blogger, I will get down to business now.........................I am down 1.5 pounds. I'm not going to get that excited since I already told you that I believed it to be water weight from last week. You guys are doing so much better and you REALLY inspire me. I just wish you would inspire me enough to get off my butt and exercise! I just hate to sweat, ya know? I'll be the one handing you guys water bottles after you climb The Great Wall as I sit under a shade tree!!! Let me know how you are doing......IF Blogger will be so kind!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We had a little 10 year old boy that was missing in the area of our office since yesterday afternoon. We are relieved to report he his home safe and sound with his family tonight. I am so proud of our little community as they all came together searching through woods and swamps looking for this little guy. I saw a woman in a wheelchair passing out flyers with this boys picture on it, people on horses, people with search dogs, children searching with their parents, store owners putting his picture in their windows, people passing out water, people from the Red Cross serving food to those hungry.......AMAZING people! Thank God for a happy ending!!!
I'm off to soak in a hot bath.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy 3 Month LID Anniversary!

We are another month closer to bringing Ava home! I'm still not quite sure how many more months we have to go until we see our Ava's face for the first time. Based on the current timeframe we have about 9 months left to go. It that is true we are 1/4 of the way there!! Yipee!!! I would also like to say Happy 3rd LID Anniversary to my best blogging buddy too! We are 3 months closer and it feels so good!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's Weigh In Wednesday!

Sorry about the late post today. My internet has been down since last night and I had to wait
until I got to work this morning. We still have dial-up at the office so I will make this brief. This will kick me off if I even pause for a second! Anyhoo, I weighed myself this morning at I was UP 1 1/2 pounds........UGH! I'm going to blame this week on water weight (if ya get my drift) because I really haven't been that bad this week! I guess I'm glad the shake machine was broken yesterday when I went through the B.K. drive-thru as it could have been even worse today for weigh in! How are you all doing? I swear to you, I will start exercising......soon. Sorry that I don't have any cute pictures to add to my post this morning! I hope my computer is up & running when I get home today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ian's 6th Birthday

This picture was taken on Ian's Birthday Eve. I picked him up from school and he was wearing the Birthday Crown and had a bag of goodies from his teacher. We headed up to the camper for the weekend.
This cake SHOULDN'T be on the diet but let me tell you............IT WAS YUMMY!!
Happy Birthday to you......................... Happy Birthday to you...........................
Happy Birthday dear, Ian.......................................................................................
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrrthday to you!
And many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blowing out the candle & making a wish!

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet little boy! Mommy & Daddy are truly blessed to have you in our lives! We love you sooooooooooo much!

Hello everyone

We are back again from a weekend at the lake. It sure is helping time pass quickly. Summer vacation will be starting officially on Friday. I'm so glad that the kids will be out of school and hopefully, things can settle down a bit. It seems like it is such a crazy time of the year with the school year winding up. Ian will finish with Young 5's tomorrow and Hope & Griffin finish up on Thursday. Summer always seems to pass quickly so I'm sure this year will be the same. Living in Michigan we sure savor all the beautiful days we get. I'm happy to be at home today trying to catch up on laundry (what else is new!) and reading some blogs. Ian celebrated his 6th Birthday on Saturday and I will post some pictures. Blogger seems to be taking forever so I will post them later today.