Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stress Reliever

I picked this up over on the RQ site. For those of you that are stronger than I and don't go over there, I give you this site. Don't worry it has nothing to do with rumors! Happy popping! Also, MAKE SURE YOU GO FOR THE FRESH SHEET! Jeff would LOVE to hear those words when you ask for the fresh sheet come out of my mouth!


Blogger Dawn and Dale said...

That is too cool!

i saw this on your blog the other day but didn't click on it. Then I saw it on another blog today and had to come back here to comment on your blog about it!!

So funny!!

I'm going to have to use it too!!

My boys will LOVE it!!

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Scott Toth said...

I am up to the very tip of my longest strand of hair on my head in bubblewrap as I am in the process of moving out of an OLD house and into something brand new. After this move, I never want to see or hear the word bubblewrap again!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.--I am Lisa's OLDER brother and live in Miami, Florida and am just sitting here waiting for the next big hurricane!

5:17 PM  

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