Wednesday, July 30, 2008


No, that wasn't a typo in the title. Ava's quilt has grown to hold 130 quilt squares. How? Even I don't know the answer to that one. All I remember is last Fall sending 100 squares off to the lady that was doing the sewing of Ava's quilt. Then, she contacted me and said she needed about 18 more squares to turn it into a twin size....AND I begged, pleaded and might have even come close to selling myself for more squares (if needed =).....AND I collected them. All 18 of them. Or so I thought. I somehow managed to collect 12 more. I actually thought the quilt lady added a few in to make it bigger for some reason. I was up late last night matching every single square with the wish card.....All 130 of them. Seriously, I still can't wrap my brain around how I ended up with so many. I think this wait is messing with my mind! The quilt is not finished yet, but here is a picture of the top.....I did have to throw a ladybug over one of the squares because it has Ava's first and last name on it. The square was embroidered by Jeff's brother Aaron.....And it's one of my most favorites. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

The corners of the quilt have Chinese symbols that stand for Hope, Love, Destiny and Family.

Here is a closer look..............

Several weeks ago, I knew that the quilt was almost ready to take to the quilter. She is the person that actually stitches the top of the quilt to the back of the quilt and adds "soft stuff" inside (sorry, if you don't already know.....I'm no seamstress =). I then had to decide on what the top stitch was going to be. Did I want puzzle pieces? HELL NO, I wanted a ladybug stitch that I saw on a blog months and months ago. IF only I could remember where I saw it!
The lady that did the sewing and a girl from work made several phone calls looking for a ladybug stitch and both came back and told me that NOBODY has one. They just don't make them. I was very disappointed to say the least. I went home and started reading some blogs and on that very day (on July 15Th) she posts a link to her daughter's quilt. I click on the link and low and behold this is what I see..................THE LADYBUG STITCH!!!!!!!!!!! This is also the same blog that I saw it on months before! What are the chances??!!

I then contact Jenn via her comment section of her blog and BEG for information on that stitch. I was seriously going to fly to Arizona myself to have her lady finish the quilt if need be. No puzzle piece stitch for me!! Jenn is such a sweetheart and called and called her quilt lady (pictured below). Finally, the lady called her and told her she is no longer in business, but she would gladly send me the template in the mail to be used on Ava's quilt!! Fate.....You betcha! Within a couple days I had the template in the mail along with a nice note. The lady said that she had created the template and used it on a special quilt for a special girl named Meili. Now, Ava's quilt will have the same stitch as Meili's and that just means the world to me. Jenn has a log-in-date of March 10, 2006 (just two days after mine) and we're with the same agency. It's very likely that we will be traveling together to get our girls at the same time. Thanks again Jenn for all your help!!

In the next couple weeks the quilt will be taken to the quilter to have the stitch done. If anyone would like to borrow the template for the ladybug stitch.....Just drop me a line and I'll gladly pass it along. I'll post pictures of Ava's quilt as soon as it's completed. Thank you to those of you that sent us a wish and a square. The quilt means so much to us and I know it will mean the world to Ava.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Something I'm famous for.......Not blogging in awhile and then bombarding you will a HUGE post and a tons of pictures that will end up making your eyes bleed! Grab a cup of coffee and sit back.......First up.....Let me take you to pictures of Fourth of July when The M Family came for a visit. Lauren M. (or Madge as I call her) is my BFF from TN. We have known each other since kindergarten. Here is a pic of Griffin w/ Lauren's son Sean and her daughter Kelli.

Here is a picture of Kurt M. We couldn't believe how tall all the kids have gotten over the last year. Kurt is now taller than his Uncle Jeff by about an inch. Griffin is not far behind Kurt and now stands eye to eye with his Dad. Jeff first met Kurt when he was about a year old. Kurt just turned 20 on July 3. Where does time go??!

The kids were digging the cups that you can scratch your name on. I don't think Kelli let go of her cup the whole time......Kinda reminds me of her mother back in our bar days! =)

Here is a picture of Jeff with his buddy Doug. (The Peach had to ice down his elbow most of the weekend because of a busy week at work. His elbow has since improved and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS.....I told him that I'd sure hate to have to trade him in on a younger model. Besides, I've grown quite fond of him over the years! =)

Ian loves his Uncle Doug!

Madge and I. Notice we still have a tight grip on our drinks!

Had a GREAT time with the M Family. I think it's safe to say that the next time they come to town that we should have Ava home.

Next up........Hope's 17Th B-day. Here is a picture of us heading to Hope's favorite restaurant.

Here is a picture of Hope and Matt at her most favorite place to eat. I can EASILY polish off a couple of baskets of their bread sticks by myself......LOVE this place.

Another picture of Hope and Matt. Matt is Hope's boyfriend of about 6 months. I must say that we have all grown quite fond of him. He's a good kid.

We also think Matt has been a good influence on Griffin. Griffin ate his very first salad at THIS dinner. We think he tried it because he saw Matt eating one. Now, if Matt could just get me to eat salad......BAHAHAHAHAHA! Not. Gonna. Happen. =)

Hope was excited about her talking card. It said....."wishes really do come true!" Sadly, her wish that her presents would arrive on time by UPS didn't happen. =(

Me and my Peaches.

My Mom was also had Hope's B-day dinner, but my camera battery died when I was taking her picture! =(

Next, after the family B-day celebration it was time for the friends swimming par-tay! Hope wanted a Barbie cake (because the poor child never was given one when she was little) and I kinda ran with a princess theme for the entire party. The weather reports were reporting a 80% chance of storms so we had set up everything inside. I wasn't sure what the heck we were going to do with 15-20 kids inside, but thought we would make it work.

Thank gawd, the bad weather stopped JUST before the party and we were able to move everything outside! So. Happy.

Do you think these purses are a bit much? Something about seeing 17 and 18 year old boys carting around these just made me smile. I knew I just HAD to get them. =)

Here is a picture of some of the kids swimming. The kid on the left with his tongue out.....Isn't there just one in every crowd??!!

Hope's princess cupcakes. I didn't think the Barbie cake would be big enough so we went with both cakes. Both were very tasty.

AND here is the Barbie cake. She was kinda popping out of her dress!

Who knew that princess cupcakes and a Barbie cake would make a 17 year old girl so happy! And it looks like it's Bells that felt the need to stick her tongue out in this picture! Shame on you. =)

I didn't realize that it was a tradition to have a cake fight. SOOOOOOO glad we were able to move things outside! So. Glad.

Hope and Stacey.

A par-tay isn't a par-tay without games! Now can you see why I needed the princess bags? Jeff was on top of the deck pulling the pinata up when Bells took a swing.

They finally decided to take off their mask because it was MUCH harder to break open than they thought.

I think Ian might of been the last one to completely break it open.

They were all begging for the princess purses about now! =)

Hope thought when I came home with "Castle Toss" that it was a bit over the top. I can't believe she said nothing about the purses, but had a problem with Castle Toss. =) Kelsie wasn't going to give up until she mastered the game. The guy on the right was too cool to play.....He also declined the purse. Hmmmf.

I told Hope, "you just wait.....THIS game is going to make this par-tay a success!" I might have been wrong as only a few kids would humor me by playing. I thought the candy necklaces as prizes would get them lined up, but I was wrong. =(

They DID however LOVE Rock Band. We ended up purchasing it at the last minute when we thought it was going to have to be an inside party. They loved it so much that they didn't even want to go outside for a fire in the fire pit......Or to play Castle Toss. =( I now have enough ingredients to make smores for an entire year on a shelf in my pantry. Yippee.

Before the kids all arrived, I was the singer for Rock Band. Keep in mind that I tried out TWICE for chorus in the 6Th grade (I thought surely the teacher had made a mistake the first time around as I was a bit under the weather that day!) and was denied. Both. Times. I did end up getting a "speaking part" in their little production and YES, I'm STILL bitter about it, but back to Hope's party. Griffin ended up singing most of the night. We all think Griffin might have the best voice in the family......Peaches says he also has a good voice, but he must just be keeping that to himself! =)

I think Hope's party was a success and a good time was had by all. Man, I'm tired....Not sure what tired me more....The party or this post!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I purchased this cheesecake today in honor of our good pal StevO's first day at his new job. I thought it was best that I boost sales figures for his new company so his employment can continue. I promise to do this quite often so that StevO's job always remains secure and so that they might even have to increase production at his plant.....That's the kind of friend that I am. I'm always there for you StevO and that's why I'm taking one for the team and eating this cheesecake. =) The rest of the family will also suffer through it too.

BTW, I'm NEVER going back to the campground unless YOU'RE working there.....It just wouldn't be the same without you!

P.S. I think my kind words will eat at you and you will FINALLY sign up with Google to start leaving me comments on my blog! =)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I FINALLY decided on a stroller and put in an order for it last night. Since we already had a crib/dresser THIS was the first big purchase we have made for our little pumpkin. It met all my requirements.....LARGE basket to hold packages when mall shopping, a comfortable handle and a cup holder (although, it's not pictured). I also think Ava will look just fabulous being rolled around in it!

But, do you think she will like a cowmooflage print for her car seat?

Or this nice girly fabric?

I'm not sure if I really like the cowmooflage print or I just like saying.....cowmooflage. Go ahead, say it......cowmooflage! See what I mean?! =)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hard to believe it's been 28 months since our file was logged in. It will be 3 years ago next month that we started our paperwork for China. It seems like the closer we get to seeing our precious girl.....The harder the wait becomes for me. I can finally say that I believe in my heart, without a doubt, that Ava has been born. Over the last 3 years there hasn't been a single day that has past that I haven't thought about her......Or a single night that I haven't wished that I would catch a glimpse of her in my dreams. But, it's become harder now because I know she has been born and is waiting for us now, as we have been waiting for her. I think about her constantly. I wonder if she knows how much she is loved. Is it harder for us knowing that she is out there or is it harder for her because she doesn't know her family exists? I usually don't wish time to pass and quicker than it already does, but I want my girl home....With her family where she belongs.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


The stork is on it's way to agencies and it looks like they only matched 5 days this month. We now have 42 log-in-dates to go until it's our turn. One good thing is that because of Chinese New Year, 2006 there isn't anyone logged in between January 28 and February 5, 2006, so the next batch "should" cover quite a few more days. If I were to take a guess with our LID of March 8......AND if the CC*AA continues to send out referrals at the same pace they have been....We "should" have a picture of Ava by the beginning of January. I'm still hoping for December, but I think that might be cutting it a bit close. We're getting closer.