Tuesday, April 29, 2008


(The following conversation happened on the way home from the grocery store this evening)

Ian: I'm excited because my birthday is coming up soon!!

Me: I know, it's just a little over a month from now.

Ian: It took me a long time to be born. What would have happened if I was born earlier?

Me: You were supposed to be born a day earlier.

Ian: Then my birthday would have been June 2ND?!

Me: Yep, that was the day you were SUPPOSED to be born because I went to the hospital that morning to have you. You took FOREVER to get here and I ended up having you the NEXT day. (Trust me, at the time it seemed like FOREVER)!! June 2ND was also your Great-Grandma Carlotta's birthday. I sometimes think you might have decided to wait until June 3rd so you didn't have to share your birthday! =)

Ian: I was worth waiting for!

Me: You certainly were! You certainly were.......

(Just a little reminder for myself that this looooooong stinkin' wait for Ava will be MORE than worth it in the end. I doubt I will EVER be able to forget how tough it was.....Just like I STILL remember the 32+ hours of labor with Ian like it were yesterday, but it's ALL going to be worth it in the end. That I know for certain.)

Monday, April 21, 2008


  • It's been sunny and warm the last few days. It was so nice yesterday that I spent some time in a lounge chair by my pool....It would have been better if the pool was actually opened, but heck I'll take what I can get!

  • Hope passed her driving test and is officially on the road. Yikes. She purchased Jeff's old car from us (for a good deal) with the money she has saved while working at our office. Jeff walked away with a new car out of the deal....I soooooo want a new car too. Must. Be. Mature.

  • Griffin is home sick today from school. Funny thing is that he doesn't look sick or act sick. AND would a person that claims to have thrown-up this morning want pizza for dinner?? Things that make you go hmmmm.

  • Went to the dentist this morning for my 6 month cleaning (Alright, it was about 8 months!). Was asked AGAIN how the adoption was going. How many more trips to the dentist for my 6-8 month cleaning will I have before Ava comes home??!!

  • I've FINALLY lost all the weight that I want to lose. I'm down 35 pounds and couldn't be happier. Love Weight Watchers.

  • Jeff shaved his head completely bald last month (see above pic). He finally decided that it was time to shave it all off (it's been on the thin side for quite awhile now). It's a good look for some men, but NOT for my Peaches. It's looking so much better now that he has some hair growing back.

  • I'm totally into American Idol this season. LOVE the two David's and was totally heartbroken when Michael Johns was voted off a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if Michael has as much talent as David Cook, but that boy is some definite eye candy for sure!! ;)

  • On the adoption front.....The CC@@ matched 5 days last month and made it to January 9, 2006. With our LID of March 8, 2006 we have 58 days ahead of us. If they continue to match 5 days per month then we're looking at another 11 months. I'm telling you it's like the movie Groundhogs Day......Since we began the adoption (in August, 2005) we having been telling people that we're a year away.

  • Ian was playing in the sandbox yesterday and announced he was digging a hole to China to get his sister. Ava is always on his mind.

  • I did have a dream about Ava a couple of weeks ago. This is the first dream that I've had where I could clearly see her face. I was in China holding her while she was sound asleep. She was just a tiny infant in my arms at the beginning of the dream. I was concerned because I noticed that in her clothing someone had left a stethoscope. I was scared that something might be wrong with her. I was determined to get some answers and decided that the ONLY one that would know what was going on was The Rumor Queen! If leaving a stethoscope on a child meant something then the Queen would know what it meant (to heck with calling my Agency! =). I never did meet the Queen in my dream, but Ava turned quickly from an infant to a toddler and was happily watching Barney (yes, I've dated myself!) on T.V. and clapping her hands and I knew she would be alright. I was also in my hotel room and was trying to figure out how in the heck I was going to pack up all Ava's toys and bring them home from China. I couldn't understand why in the world I brought a HUGE dollhouse to China and forgot to bring stacking cups. What does it all mean?!