Monday, August 18, 2008


The Rumor Queen put out her latest projections for future referral cut off dates.....I can now see a faint flicker of light off in the distance:

It seems that most of the batches have been even smaller than the "horrid case" column lately. That means that my own projection of February for our March 8 LID is probably pretty accurate. Getting closer......

Thursday, August 14, 2008


  • This month referrals finished up January, 2006 log-in-dates. Sooooo excited to be done with January and FINALLY get into February! Can't wait to watch some of my most favorite blogging pals with February LIDs receive their referrals in the coming month(s). If it's true that the next LID at the CC*AA is February 6......There are 31 LID days left to process until they get to US!!! IF they continue to process 6 days a month......We're looking at a February referral. Getting there ever so s l o o o o w l y.
  • Mailed my request for my THIRD fingerprint appointment today to the wrong address. Can you say.....Nitwit?
  • Sold our boat. The place we bought it from sold it for us for a small fee. They sold it a week or so ago and failed to tell us. An employee of ours saw it out on a nearby lake last Friday and called us.....What are the chances of that?! Still waiting for my $. Not. Happy.
  • Cleaned up the camper so we can sell that too. Don't want a camper without a boat. Going to take a major hit on it. Not. Happy.
  • The kids start back to school the day after Labor Day. Summer is almost gone. Not. Happy.
  • IF we can dump that camper.....I think I want a new car. A new car would make me happy or maybe a new purse.............
  • Wasn't the opening ceremony of the Olympics AMAZING?! I don't think any country in the future will ever be able to top that. I have to say that both Peaches and I shed some tears while watching. We want our girl. Now.
  • The rest of August is filled up with doctor appointments. Most of them are for our home study update. I'm not going to complain because I'm beyond thrilled that I get to do the 1600A form and not that nasty 1800A. Beyond. Thrilled.
  • Our little town is having it's yearly Festival this weekend. Sadly, Hope hurt her foot playing football (without shoes) and will be unable to march with the school band this year. We're just happy that it wasn't broken and is just a bad sprain. Can you believe that this is her last year in High School?.....Yes, I had her when I was VERY young. *snort*
  • Well, that's all I got. Remember.....It's not how lengthy the post is.....It's the quality of the post. =)

Thursday, August 07, 2008


AUGUST 8, 2008


Monday, August 04, 2008



Yes, You are entitled for the one time free extension.


I take back all the terrible things I have said in the past, both out loud and under my breath....Today, I think I love the Detroit Branch. I'm not only relieved that when I have to re-do my paperwork it will be for free next time around (except for the home study update).....I'm relieved more than you will ever know that I don't have to switch to the new 1800A form. Oh my God, what a load off my mind! Oh happy day!!!