Sunday, January 28, 2007


I have been tagged by several people to do this book tag.....Better late than never. You are supposed to turn to page 123 and write down several lines from the book. For those that know me, I'm much more of a gossip magazine type of gal.....Not many have 123 pages unless you are lucky enough to find a double issue! The problem with reading books..... I become completely obsessed and won't put them down until I finish. However, this is the last book that I read (it was a gift from my dear, Secret Pal) so I thought I would use this one. It is a WONDERFUL story and I recommend it HIGHLY. Page 123 is the chapter page so I'm using page 124.....I know, I'm a rebel!

Jaclyn continued her Saturday attendance at Chinese school, and as time went by I began to wonder who was learning more from this experience-she or I. While she was busy trying to retain her Chinese, I was learning what it was like for people who leave their homelands to live in a strange new culture. I was the only parent there, out of about three hundred, who did not know Chinese. I was the one who didn't understand the public address announcements. I was the one who couldn't stand around and join in the animated chatter of the other parents. I was the one who couldn't read the notices that were sent home. I was the one who brought her child on the wrong day because I did not understand the schedule. I was the one who did not know to dress her child in a costume for the party. I was the one who looked different.

Next, I'm supposed to tag other people......The rebel in me says.......Anyone that hasn't yet done the book tag, please do so.

P.S. Aren't you glad I didn't put that boys playing tag picture up again?....I'm not going to lie....I thought about doing it because I know how much Tracy likes seeing it!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'M BAAAAAACK!!!!! Jeff called me early this morning to tell me that some Blogger's were going to be putting out a SOS since I have been MIA for a couple weeks. I have excuses but.......Their lame. Truth is......I stink and I am NOT worthy of calling myself a Blogger. I won't bore you with my reasons for being MIA....Just know that it's NOT because I'm depressed about the slowness of the adoption. Anyhoo, I promised to tell you my bus driver story a couple weeks ago. Here it goes......

Alright, let me just say that I wasn't slow and therefore, I didn't graduate at 22. In fact, I was the second youngest in my graduating class at R.U. High (Yup, that's what they called it). When I was 16 I still rode the bus home from school. One day.... I headed out to my bus and low and behold.......It wasn't my scary old bus driver in the drivers seat! I had seen the young guy (he was 21) around before but had never spoken with him. In fact, he had driven the bus I was on to band camp the summer before. I would sit near the front of the bus because I was one of the first stops. Alright, I also thought he was kinda cute!!! I would talk to him on the way home and I found out that he also worked at the gas station that was at the corner near my house. My friend Lauren (or Madge as I call her) and I decided that we would walk past the gas station in hopes of seeing Dana (she also had a crush on him) and pretend we were going to the store. We did this several times and then........One day I decided to go by myself. It was THAT day that Dana asked me out. Let me tell you, Lauren was TICKED OFF! I realize that there was a HUGE age difference but I was smitten. We actually dated on and off for two years. I have to tell you that dating your bus driver had it's advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: A bus stop was created especially for me at the end of my driveway.

Disadvantage: School employee's are NOT allowed to attend dances.

Here is a picture of Dana & I. I must tell you that I had JUST had my wisdom teeth pulled when this picture was taken. I also would like to add that my daughter, Hope (and Ava) WILL NOT be allowed to date anyone that much older than they are. Just thought I would tell you that.

Dana and I remained friends even after we broke up. Every few years he would call me and we would catch up on what was going on in our lives. The last time I talked to him, I remember hanging up the phone and thinking it would be the last time we would speak......It was just a feeling......That was over 8 years ago.

One evening in July, 1998 I became all of a sudden sick with the flu. I mean, it came out of NO WHERE! I remember that my face was burning hot and yet my body was freezing cold. My body ached so badly that I remember actually crawling when I had to go to the bathroom. The next morning, I was fine. I told Jeff during the night that I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A couple days later I found out that Dana died that very night. Dana was stuck and killed instantly while crossing the road. He was hit by a truck.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've been tagged by Melissa. Here goes my list:

A- Available or taken: Happily taken for 17 loooooooong years. Just kidding, Peaches.....It seems like only yesterday!

B- Best friend: My BFF is Lauren or "Madge" as I like to call her. We actually met in kindergarten. She also calls me "Madge"......I'm not really sure why.

C- Cake or pie: YES!! I must say that brownies are my absolute favorite with my Grandma's chocolate frosting on top. Mmmmmmm.

D- Drink of choice: This question is going to have to be a tie. I can't live without my coffee (or breakfast as I like to call it) and I can't live without Pepsi.

E- Essential item you use everyday: Umm, deodorant? Shampoo? Lotion? Toothpaste?

F- Favorite color: Sage green (the color of my favorite cats eyes).

G- Gummy bears or worms: Ewwww.

H- Hometown: Redford, Michigan. Jeff always says......You can take the girl out of Redford....But, you can't take Redford out of the girl. I can't say he's says it real often....Just on occasion.

I- Indulgence: My growing purse collection.

J- January or February: February. We were DTC (date to China) on February 10th. It also is one month closer to winter being over. I guess you already know that winter is NOT my favorite season.

K- Kids & names: Hope Elizabeth, Griffin Jeffrey, Ian Scott & Ava.

M- Marriage date: December 15, 1989.

L- Life incomplete without: My family, my pets, my friends.

N- Number of siblings: one. I have an OLDER brother named Scott.

O- Oranges or apples: Apples. I do LOVE orange slices (the candy kind).

P- Phobias or fears: I have a fear of trying new foods. Seriously. I'm probably more picky than any 5 year old you may know. I also don't do well in big crowds. If it's hot and crowded...Yikes! It isn't pretty.

Q- Favorite quote: "It's MY way or the highway!" I like to think that I wear the pants in the family! Right, Jeff?

R- Reason to smile: I have a wonderful family and I'm going to be Ava's Mommy.

S- Season: NOT winter! I LOVE Spring, Summer and Fall....Don't make me pick.

T- Tag: Darren (just for the fun of it......I double dare ya!)!

U- Unknown fact about me: I dated my bus driver when I was in High School. I'm sure you guys are going to have a field day with that little tidbit.

V- Veggie you don't like: This should really read......Veggie you DO like? Corn. Yup, that's it folks!

W- Worst habit? Hmmmm. I guess I'm not as organized as I would like to be. I also tend to put things off for another day.

X- X-rays: I just had some done on my teeth. It ticks me off because I have NEVER have had a cavity in my ENTIRE life and the dentist still wants x-rays every year. Ticks. Me. Off.

Y- Your favorite food: Potatoes. Mashed, French fried, boiled, baked.....You name it, I like it!

Z- Zodiac: I'm a Scorpio and I'm married to a Scorpio.

Monday, January 08, 2007


UPDATE: DOUBLE DIGITS.......WHOO-HOO!!!!! (I forgot about my new and improved more positive outlook. Thank you, Melissa and everyone else for reminding me!)

Double digits......sigh.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


How am I supposed to keep up my piss poor attitude after I read this post from yesterday? I can't promise that I'll make a New Year's resolution to be more "positive" about the wait (or one to lose the 15 pounds this adoption has made me gain....Yeah, it's the adoption's fault or possibly my chocolate craving.....) but I'm gonna "try". Today I have crawled out from under the rock and GUESS WHAT?.....The sun is shining (Hey, I live in Michigan....It's a rare site in the winter) and my family is healthy and happy and I have one CUTE new puppy that I love to pieces and I'm going today to pick out paint for Ava's room and the list could go on and on! Ava WILL be here someday. All is good. All better now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This is my very first post in 2007.....and I'm going to be a bit negative. Surprise. Surprise. Europe and the United States have received referrals for LID's up to and including September 27th. It appears that the BIG day of September 29th is NOT included in this batch. I'm sure some of you are thinking.....WOW!!!.... I can't believe they have done 19 or 20 days (it's still not known if September 28 th is in or out). This is GREAT!!!! Yes, this is true. However, September was a small month and if it's going to take 3 freakin' months to get thru a small month, then what the heck is going to happen when they hit the MONSTER MONTH OF NOVEMBER? They referred A LOT less than they have in the previous few months. I really had hope this morning of seeing Ava's face in 2007.....Can't say I'm feeling very sure of it at the moment. Off to crawl under my rock. Anyone want to join me?