Monday, January 12, 2009


I just realized.....We're now 12 days into the new year and I haven't posted since the end of December. I stink at blogging. Now that that's been determined...... Alrighty then, I've got a bunch of pictures to post here. Sit back and enjoy or if your smart....Hit the escape key while you can!

First, before we get to all the exciting family pictures.....I need to post the latest news on the China Adoption front. DO YOU REALIZE THEY'RE ONLY 8 DAYS FROM OUR LID WITH REFERRALS???!!!! *Please excuse me while I take a few deep breaths* If you don't understand what being 8 days away from LID means...........Let me say this in non adoption lingo..........This means that we might be getting a picture of our Ava in the next, ummmmmm 6-10 weeks!!!!! *deep breath*

In other adoption news......I'm sure everyone has already seen a picture of the adorable Ms. Pipa, but if you haven't click here. I swear, I've been walking on sunshine ever since she and she received their referrals for their precious girls! Also, my secret pal (I wonder if I will ever stop calling her that?!) is in China NOW with her daughter, Syri. If you haven't been following along with their trip to China click here.

Alrighty, here are some pictures of Christmas.....The LAST family Christmas picture without Ava.

Here is a picture of us with MY mother. We realized something when looking at this picture. Jeff and MY mother are starting to look more and more like each other as the years pass. Is it the glasses? Wearing the same color shirt? The hair? =)

Hope and Matt. I'm including Matt as part of the family......He practically lives here! =)

Ian was enjoying some organic chocolate milk that was given to him by his Uncle and Aunt. They did have other presents for Ian, but Ian said that this was the BEST Christmas present EVAH.....It's his most favorite chocolate milk of all time. Had Santa known this, he might not have as much Christmas debt to pay off.

A week or so before Christmas, we came home to several Christmas presents on our front porch. The sly Santa went quick to his work and was out like a flash before anyone could see him or thank him for the gifts. He also visited my SIL and BIL that live one street over from us. They were home at the time, but Santa moved so fast......They didn't see him either!

We all received hats/scarves. We decided to take a family picture of all of us to put in with a thank you card. While Aunt Shawnee was running home to get their hats.....We took a few warm up pictures. Here is a picture of Hope, Ian and Matt (who is borrowing Jeff's hat!)

They stuffed my hat with napkins.....Because, you can. I looked a bit like jiffy pop popcorn that one might cook on the stove. =)

Here is the picture that will be sent with the thank you card.

Here are several pictures that didn't make the cut.

Can you tell that they're brothers?

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Shawnee. Not sure what Shawnee is saying, because I no speak gangsta!

Aunt Shawnee might be thinking......Hmmmmmmm, who can I re-gift this to next year?!! KIDDING.....She LOVES her hat/scarf! =)

We took my mother out to celebrate her 77th B-day this past weekend to REDS. It really has become our most favorite restaurant. Jeff and I have gone there on a few dates, but this is the first time we took the family. Here is a picture of Jeff and my mother. I'm starting to think they should call each other before we get together, because they keep wearing the same color and well, the family resemblance is getting a bit freaky.

Me and my boy. Yes, I'm also wearing red for whatever reason?!

Hope and Griffin. Griffin is sporting his new shorter haircut. Thank you, God.

Ian.....Being Ian!

I had more pictures, but I'll save them for another day. I'm beat. =)


Blogger Helen said...

Lovely christmassy photos!
6-10 weeks!!! That's exciting for me, let alone you! You must be hugely excited!

Happy new year! xx

6:43 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

You guys look like a very fun family! Hey I took my mom out for her birthday this week-end too. Her's was on Sunday the 11th.

6-10 weeks! eeek! I can't stand it!

10:27 PM  
Blogger Lisa and Tate said...

Yippee 8 days!!! About passed out saying that! Ava is right round the corner... so to speak.

You have such a cute family!!!

8:24 PM  
Blogger PIPO said...

Whew...glad to know your alive and wearing lotsa, lotsa, yarn up thar in the tundra ;0)

That IS freaky how much your man and your mom are looking alike. I thought that only happened in the deep south ;0)

Eight days...isn't that just sassy!!!! Bring on that girl. My chicklet needs some northern pals.

Glad my girl helps the sun shine for for me and the pigs too :0)

10:41 AM  
Blogger OziMum said...

FANTASTIC PHOTOS! Geeeeez Hope is a blonde YOU!

You all look like so much fun, I think I might just ask you to adopt me?!!! ...but then if I left my family... who would be the fun here?!!!

5:17 AM  

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