Monday, October 20, 2008


  • We met with our social worker on Saturday to do our LAST home study update. Our current immigration approval expires January 30, 2009 and I'm doubting VERY MUCH that we will be finished with our adoption by that date, so we're re-doing everything for a third time. The social worker changed all our ages on our new home study, changed what grade the kids are in school.....I in turn wrote out check for $400. I figured that if ever things are ever going to speed up with China adoptions, it would happen right after I handed her my check....I can see the CC*AA now begin to crank right through the remaining 21 days of LIDs before us and I wouldn't have needed to update my paperwork after all. If all that it costs me is $400 to get things moving for myself and everyone else....I'm MORE than happy to pay it. =)

  • While Ian and I were driving in the car yesterday (on our way to buy his Halloween costume) we heard Christmas music playing! For crying out loud....IT'S OCTOBER!! Ian got excited and said, "Christmas is coming soon!!...I need to go home and make my list!" My gosh, who on earth enjoys listening to Christmas music this time of the year??

  • The guys finally finished with all our flooring and trim, gave our bedroom and closet a fresh new color, wrapped aluminum around all our outside door trim so "we" (when I say "we" I mean Jeff) no longer has to paint them, fixed my kitchen faucet, caulked behind my kitchen sink and fixed our roof where our skylights have been leaking. They found that the reason the skylights have been leaking is because our "lovely" (just so you know...when I say "lovely" I'm being sarcastic) builder never installed flashing around two of the three skylights and several boards were not completely nailed down and have since rotted out. At least it's now finished (except for a few minor drywall repairs) and I'm back to being in luv with my home again.

  • I only have a couple house projects left that I would like to have finished before Ava gets here. I need to order blinds for Ava's room and also would like to replace the curtains in the living room with blinds as well. Why I ever thought it was a good idea to have white curtains that dangle the ground with two black cats in the family...I'll never know.

  • I was excited that I was able to fill up at the gas station for $75 last week instead of close to $100. I hope the price of gas continues to drop or my next car might just have to be a mini van!

  • I was actually looking at airline information yesterday trying to figure out what airport to fly out of for our China trip. I think I've decided that driving to Detroit is probably going to be our best option and save the most time. It looks like if we flew out of Grand Rapids to Detroit we would have a lot of time waiting between flights and I so hate sitting and waiting in an airport. If anyone from Michigan has any other advice for me.....I'd love to hear it. I'd also be open to driving to Chicago and leaving from there.

  • Just looked at the calendar this morning and noticed that I have three days this week that I have nothing written on.....I'm looking forward to a more relaxing week this week. I did notice on RQ that travel approvals were starting arrive for the end of September batch...I hope this means that referrals are just around the corner! We're getting sooooo close now....My stomach is doing flip flops just thinking about it.


    Blogger Polar Bear said...

    Yeah!!! to the last social worker visit!

    You're so close to referral! It is SO very exciting!!!

    I must confess - I actually listened to a few early Christmas tunes this past weekend. HEY! I used to start in September! I can't wait!! I usually am in full swing just before Thanksgiving. I know - I know it's bad, but oh so fun!!!! :)

    1:58 PM  
    Blogger OziMum said...

    Even if you have your allocation by Jan 09, do you still have to be registered to cover you til you get back from travel? I think our registration needs to be valid for about 6 months, after we get back!!! We're all re-reg. now, and it last for 3 years... one would think we'll scrape it in before then?!!!

    Your house projects sound great!
    Christmas is officially on (in our house!) from 1st weekend in Nov, when the Christmas pagaent is in town, and Santa "offically" comes to town!!! I love Christmas, I'm happy to make the most of it!

    4:13 PM  
    Blogger Lisa and Tate said...

    Thank you so much for speeding things along by spending more money on this adoption. Where are the rumors??

    Too early for Christmas music!

    Way to get all the house projects done! YAY!

    11:32 PM  
    Blogger Jenn said...

    Wow! That's an expensive hs update! I only charge $100-$250 depending on whether a home visit is I have to reprocess everything through the juvenile court which isn't required in most states (and is a pain in the ---!)

    I hope that you're right about a speed up. I've decided that if the 7-15 day rumor turns out to be true by some odd chance, I'm going to need to wear 'Depends' and carry around a barf bucket until referral day! Things are starting to get exciting and I'm a nervous wreck!

    9:55 AM  
    Blogger Jenn said...

    Oh...and can I put a few of my calendar items on yours to even things out??? ;op

    9:57 AM  
    Blogger PIPO said...

    But I bet you couldn't show your SW your PIGS in the backyard ;0)

    I got gas for $2.28...yeehaw....more money to slop the hogs!

    I DO feel ya on the black cat issue. They are messy little buzzards and they gravitate towards everything light.

    Not much longer for us!

    10:47 PM  
    Blogger Lynn said...

    Getting so exciting!!! I put the mp3 of that song on my blog for you!!

    8:04 AM  
    Blogger OziMum said...

    Hey! Heard anymore of those 7-15 day rumours?!!!

    Desperate for NEWS... ANYTHING!!!

    (Tues afternoon 28 Oct 5:44pm!)

    2:32 AM  
    Blogger Erin said...

    Hey there! I got your comment on my blog and wanted to answer your question. Very rarely does GW split up groups but we were split up. With our referral batch, we had 8 families with referrals from Guangxi Province and 13 families with referrals from Guangdong Province. Every year in April and October, China has a huge trade fair that takes place in Guangzhou. It goes through November 6th this year. It is close to impossible to get hotels during the trade fair and the rates (as well as the airline prices) are tripled. GW won't let us stay in Guangzhou at that time because it is so expensive.

    The Guangxi people were able to go ahead and go to China starting today because they will spend a few days in Beijing and they have to spend 6 to 7 days in Guangxi before heading to Guangzhou. They will get to Guangzhou on the 8th.

    For us, we had to wait for the trade fair to end because we will be in Guangzhou the entire time except for the few days in Beijing. So, we will start going to China next Tuesday, go to Beijing and then go to Guangzhou on the 9th. We will all be in Guangzhou at the same time from the 9th until the Guangxi people leave on the 14th. As you can see, this is a very rare occurrence.

    While we are bummed that we won't be together in Beijing, we have all gotten so close and know we will have a wonderful time together in Guangzhou.

    I so hope you don't have to wait through the April trade fair (we had to wait through the April trade fair for Mollianne). Because we have had to wait, we are traveling 9 weeks after referral and will be getting Meisey 10 weeks after referral. That is a long wait!

    Hope this answers your question! If you need to email me, feel free - emartin7 at earthlink dot net.

    Here's to a large group of referrals! Erin

    8:30 PM  
    Blogger cougchick said...

    I don't have advice for you but "Truly Blessed" lives in Mich and has traveled to China twice. She would be a good resource for the airline thing. Her blog is private but I have her email. Just click on my link and send me an email.

    11:33 PM  
    Blogger sybil said...

    I just stumbled across your blog. We've traveled twice to China; once through Chicago and the other out of Detroit.

    Northwest flew direct to Tokyo out of Detroit & United direct out of Chicago. I don't know the price difference - but United had much nicer planes, although Chicago isn't known for its great on time record.

    Both routes take you over the north pole which is smoother than flying over the Pacific & the jet stream.

    Best of luck~

    6:59 PM  

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