Sunday, April 02, 2006

What Happen's Next

This is the Review Room
This is how the dossier's travel to the Matching Room
This is a picture's of all the dossier's. Each agency has their own color. The next two picture's
are of the MATCHING ROOM!

Upon arriving at the CCAA our dossier will go through several department's. First our dossier is logged in (already done). Second, our dossier goes to the Review Room and THEN it is off to the
Matching Room and that is the room where all the magic happen's. That is the room where we will be matched with Ava! The entire process is taking about 10-12 month's from your log-in-date to the time of your referral. Your referral is when you receive your babies picture and information. Travel usually takes 6 to 8 weeks after your referral. The CCAA is separated into 6 distinct departments: Department 1, known as the Administration Department; Department 2, known as the Liaison Department; Department 3, the Document Review Department I, where all documents are thoroughly poured over and all data is placed in the CCAA database; Department 4, the Document Review Department II, known affectionately as the "Matching Room", where families are matched with orphan children; Department 5, the Archive Department, where all files from pre and post- adoption are archived; and Department 6, the Finance Department. Thought this information would help some of you understand the process a little bit better.


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