Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My daughter play's the flute in the high school band and they are currently selling candy bars.
The band is raising money for a trip to Disney World late December, 2006. Yep, that's right
December, 2006. I still have high hope's that it will be when we are traveling to China so,
I am a little nervous about handing over $870 (non-refundable) because, I GUARANTEE
you that would be when we would end up traveling!( I'm sorry fellow February DTC'ers I love
you guy's but, I'm not going to plunk down the cash so we can travel in December!). So, I
decided that I was going to buy 25 boxes(50 bar's per box) and sell them because 50% of
the cash goes back to the student! So with the other previous fund raiser her ticket is now
paid in full! My plan was wonderful until, I had to cut the school a check for $1,000 for chocolate. So, I sent two of my kid's out this weekend selling candy to the neighbor's.
They had it all figured out-our neighbor kid was going to be the driver, my son Griffin was
in charge of sales and my little guy Ian was going to help boost sales because he's cute! Griffin's
sales pitch was as follow's: Would you like to help send a blonde girl to camp? Well, they sold
25 bar's plus, each got to eat one for all their hard work. If anyone want's to buy a candy bar
we will deliver (providing our golf cart can make it there & back without re-charging!).


Blogger Angela said...

Hi, I love that golf cart! What kind is it? My husband and I would like to find one to get for my parents, they have a couple hundred acres, and we would like to cut trails through some of the woods, to go riding with the kids, it would also come in quite handy! Is it battery operated or uses gasoline? Just curious!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Lisa & Jeff said...

It is battery operated. We love it! We bought it a couple of years ago at a car dealership of all places. It was an old cart that they re-painted and added larger tire's etc to it. The kids love driving it around and it really doesn't travel very fast so, I feel they are pretty safe on it.

5:06 PM  

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