Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm NOT a Dirt Bag

This post has nothing to do with our adoption process but, I need to vent about a couple thing's
that have happened the last 2 day's. First, let me take you to last week when I returned 2 movie's & 1 game to our local Blockbuster. So, I was a little late (per usual) but, at least I didn't
get the dreaded reminder call (this time). My daughter and I head Saturday to pick up some other movies and I am told at the counter that I owe $32 for the other movies that were NOT
returned. I explain that I DID return both movies along with the game. I guess they only have
the game logged in as returned. The nice Blockbuster boy told me that maybe, I should check at
home for the movies and maybe, I would find them! "Listen here you little punk (I was only thinking the little punk part) they are NOT at home." He checked on the shelves and they weren't there either. I asked if perhaps they may have been put in the wrong spot. I guess nobody at Blockbuster ever makes mistake's! Duh, I am so stupid to ask! So, the little punk got the manager and he is looking at me like I'm some criminal (I know I don't have a great track record for returning movies on time but, cut me a little slack here). After explaining my story he decides to take off the balance on my account. I thank him and tell him I SWEAR he will find them in his store-He say's there is NO WAY they are in the store but, he isn't going to charge me. I left with my new movies but, the whole thing just bugs me. I don't look like some Dirt Bag( you guy's are going to have to take my word on that since, I have yet to figure out how to post my picture!).
So, let me tell you about the next thing that happened. Last week I decided to change our phone # to a non-published number (so, companies like Blockbuster can't call me-kidding!). I try to call long distance this A.M. and it says my account is restricted. I call the number they gave me and it says I need to make a payment to my account. Why? I talked to 5 people and spent 45 minutes on the phone and it still wasn't taken care of. I think that whoever had the # before still owes them $. When I give them the # and my name it doesn't match. Hello, just because THEY owe you money doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to call long distance! This just shouldn't be that difficult! I finally hung up on the 5th lady. Gosh, I miss the good old day's when you could just switch your long distance carrier. I guess they are ALL linked together now! I just heard on the news this A.M. that SBC and AT&T merged together! So, I guess I'm off to buy a long distance card today. I just HOPE I don't get the old owner of that #'s bill on my account. Thank's for listening to me vent.


Blogger Melissa said...

Okay, so did Blockbuster ever find the DVD's?
Bad week huh, plan a road trip to Ga. and we can go to SUPER TARGET!!! :0)

1:26 PM  
Blogger Lisa & Jeff said...

I don't really know if they did or not. I doubt they would call me to apologize (and they don't have my NEW #)if they did find them!
SUPER TARGET is the thing I need to cheer me up!!!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Lisa and Tate said...

Why is it that we are assume to be criminals until proven otherwise??? I am taking your word that you are not a dirt bag!!! HEEEHEEE...


7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word for you:

I joined a couple of weeks ago, and it's awesome.
I will never have to go to Blockbuster again. And that makes me happy ~

8:35 PM  

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