Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogging 101

Alright fellow Blogger's, I came up with a great idea. I think that some of you "Expert" Blogger's need to share some of your secret's with the rest of the class. You know who you are! You're
the one's that have these template's that don't even look like anything you can find on Blogger!
You're the one's that have these never ending Blog Roll's of your favorite reads! Please don't be insulted if you are not listed on my favorite's- if I add anymore my whole side bar gets screwed up. I need help! So, what I think some of you guy's need to do is do some weekly tip's so the less fortunate (I'm sorry to create extra work for you) can learn some of your fancy move's.
The Blogger Help is not doing it for me. Would someone PLEASE tell me how to add a link to
my post (so, I can send you away from my dull post to a more exciting one)? I SEE so much during my hour's of stalking blog's and I'd like to share! I can't afford to pay my 11 year old another dime for his knowledge of the blog. Let's all learn this blogging thing together.


Blogger Johnny said...

To create a link to any other post or interesting link:

1) highlight the word you want to use to be the click-link word.

2) then click on that symbol to the right of the "T" and the color palatte box. The symbol looks like a "chain". This allows you the enter the http address of the link you'd like to link up to.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Lisa~~ said...

To add a blog roll, first go to and sign-up with them

Then, customize your Bloglines settings to allow sharing:
Go to My Feeds -> Options -> BlogSettings then fill in your bloglines username and click "yes publish my blog/blogroll" then Save Changes

2. To get html code to insert in your Blogger template:
In Bloglines, go to My Feeds, then Tips, then in the part called Blogrolls enter your username, leave Folder blank (to display all of your subscriptions) and Link Target blank (that means clicking on the links will not open in a new window) then click "Generate HTML" and you'll get the code to paste into your template in Blogger.

Now, any changes you make to your Bloglines list automatically show up in your website sidebar!!!

3. Private subscriptions: If you want to subscribe to a certain blog but don't want it to show up in your list you can click on it in Bloglines, then click "edit subscription" and change Access to "private". then you'll still get notifications and feeds but it won't show up in your Blogroll on your web site.

4. Show All: You can also tell Bloglines to only list the blogs that have been recently updated in your My Feeds section. Go to My Feeds ->Options -> Feed Options then select "show only updated feeds". That will keep your list manageable. And any time you want to see all of them, just click "Show All" at the top of your list. It doesn't change the ones that show up on your website for everyone else to see.

Hope that helps and doesn't make your head spin!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Lisa & Jeff said...

My head is swimming. I will try to conquer the blog roll in the light of day! Thank you so much for your information. I think I will nominate you to hold the first Blogging 101 class! :)

11:20 PM  

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