Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today was a good day!

So, after STILL not hearing anything from the USCIS I emailed them. I couldn't believe it,
they responded to my email!! It looks like they were going to process our approval but,
realized that our agency had a license that expired on January 14th. They needed a copy
of the new license before they could issue our approval. I talked to our homestudy agency and
they faxed a copy today. Then came the best part, the USCIS emailed me again! They said
they received the new license and we SHOULD receive approval by mail. I'm really not sure
what the mean when they say SHOULD but, I'm just so damn happy they we heard from them at all! I'm also, not sure what they mean when they say BY MAIL. How else would you hear from them? Could it be that we will be DTC in February? I'm so excited. We have to get our
passport pictures taken for the dossier this weekend. I can't believe the paperchase is almost over. I can't wait until we are officially paper pregnant!


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