Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still waiting......

Well, still nothing in the mail from the USCIS. I really thought we would here something
the last week of December. I just want to get that approval in my hands and I will relax.
That "little" arrest 20 years ago still in on my mind. For the record my dear husband is
the one with the criminal past. I know he told me about this before marriage however, it
seemed to slip my mind and his mind too. While he was working his way thru school he
was a bouncer. The story is that one of the customer's was giving the waitress a hard time
and needed to be removed from the establishment (that word sounds better than bar) .
Jeff and another employee "removed" the man from the bar and he wasn't to happy about
it. He returned with the police and said he was pressing charges. My husband and the other
employee were taken to the station and fingerprinted. The charges were dropped after the
guy didn't show up to court. My husband swears that the man was not injured in any way.
He may have not been injured 20 years ago but, if this stops us from getting an approval...
I'm gonna find him and kick his a**! My bark is really bigger than my bite.


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