Thursday, January 19, 2006

nothing yet

I REALLY didn't expect to get anything in the mail today so, I'm not that disappointed.
I just hope that we get it on Friday. The kids have a 1/2 day of school so I may leave work
a little early and HOPEFULLY our approval will be in the mail. If it's there I'm going to run
it over to be notorized and get it in the mail tomorrow! Jeff & I need to get our passport size
photo's done this weekend for our dossier. I called Walmart & they said it only takes about
15 minutes. I just hope we can get a good picture. I never like any of my pictures so, I hope
we can view them before they are printed. If you can't, I better bring a lot of cash with me.
Jeff & I haven't had a family picture taken in over 14 years after we had our 1st child. We
have had two other children since that picture was taken. I'm just waiting to lose that extra
10 or 25 pounds & grow my hair out. One of these days we will have one taken. We might as well wait until our little Ava is here and our family will be complete.


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